@SillyNBA: Joel Embiid


Last year I created @SillyNBA, a twitter handle meant to favorite, retweet, and catalogue any instances of hilarious tweeting coming from NBA players. The comedy is almost continuous, whether the subject is sidepieces or subtweets, professional basketball players seem to have a strong, natural desire to make statements to the general public in 140 characters or less.

Unfortunately, last year I didn’t keep up with the project. I was still not all that great at twitter, completely ignorant to the beauty of TweetDeck. I have no idea how many great tweets I missed as a result of my lapse of responsibility, but no matter, I’M BACK BABY.

If you want to keep up with all tweets both Silly and NBA related, feel free to throw us a follow @SillyNBA. But for now, let’s rejoice and celebrate the inauguration of a future Silly Tweet All-Star: Joel Embiid.

While he has still not gotten his first official NBA minutes, Joel is already a definitive top ten tweeter in the league.

Joel can be very encouraging.

This positivity seems to give him a lot of confidence. One time, Joel Embiid attempted to #makemoves on Kim Kardashian.

But, upon realizing the error in his ways, he quickly apologized…

…and turned his flirtatious twitter attention to the still unmarried Rihanna.

Even if Joel has yet to dine with Rihanna in real life, his mind is already dreaming about her.

But Joel knows not to get too attached to the beautiful women in your life. He knows that sometimes a girl is just there for the good times, and is ready to move on to greener pastures at a moments notice. He knows this because of Chris Brown. And thankfully, he reminds us all on a regular basis, lest we forget.

July 16th

July 22nd

July 23rd

July 28th

July 31st

and August 4th.

More than anything though, Joel is just a regular guy on Twitter. He’s 20 years old. He is discovering things for himself. He is making observations about the world around him and sending out his message, hoping we understand. And we do Joel. We’ve all been there.

I’m just super excited that the clear frontrunner for NBA Twitter Rookie of the Year is a member of my hometown team. I’m am thrilled to see what he is capable of accomplishing on the court, and captivated with hope for him to meet, court, and eventually learn to love Rihanna

Welcome to Philadelphia Joel. We’re happy to have you.

To me, you’re already a legend.

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