Tweets is Watching: David Price Edition

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox

Everyday people throw shade at each other over the Internet. In most cases, these people are civilians; average citizens that write out 140-characters worth of CAPS LOCK or #subtweets that are intended to hit someone else hard. I am not interested in these meaningless clashes.

But every once in a while, something special happens and two figures of notoriety begin clawing at each other one tweet at a time. And sometimes these moments become so entertaining that they are worth reporting.

Earlier this week, Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks had a back and forth with Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson. Just as I was about to put my figurative pen to paper, my literal hand to keyboard, I saw that ESPN had already covered the beef quite well and was dismayed. Would I ever get my chance to report on online shade-throwing?

I would only have to wait a few more hours.

At 3:50pm, just ten minutes before the MLB trade deadline, ESPN tweeted out some breaking news.

David Price, a marvelous starting pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays was being traded to the Detroit Tigers. Price, in a show of humility and professionalism, tweeted his gratefulness for the fans of Tampa Bay, and his hopes for the future in Detroit.

But one organization was a bit less professional about the news. Local Fox affiliate FOX13 apparently had someone with poor judgement working their social media pages, and posted quite the distasteful joke. It has since been deleted, but I was able to find a screengrab that had already hit the Twitterverse.

For posterity indeed, @PattyMo, thank you for catching that before someone got wise and deleted it. It’s an awful joke: not really funny, made in the worst taste, and a blatant misuse of impact font. These are the types of crappy jokes that get made when people who don’t understand meme culture start trying to generate memes. We on the Internet, call these “Fails.”

FOX13 recognized their wrong, deleted the tweet, and posted another meme, this one in the form of a pseudo-apology helped along by Ron Burgundy.

But their original FAIL was too great, and their apology meme too unfunny to silence the collective Twittizens, who responded in force.

It was nice to see people stick up for Detroit like this. Tampa had taken a shot below the belt, and the social-media-conscious members of our society was there to defend Detroit.

What we didn’t know was that Detroit did not need defending. At least when it comes to the social media pages of their own local Fox affiliate…


Guys, Twitter doesn’t get better than this. Fox Detroit just took a crappy joke that had nothing to do with baseball and flipped it into a brilliant joke that had everything to do with baseball. Fox Tampa never knew what hit em.

To all of you heroes at FOX2 Detroit, thank you, and please give that intern a raise.

To the homies at FOX13 Tampa, I’m sure it was an honest mistake. It was a stupid one, but I doubt you meant real harm. Social media makes us do crazy things sometimes; we’ve all been there. I just hope you learned something from the schooling that Detroit just put on you.

Never forget: Tweets is watching.

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