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Celebrating the Fallen Featured Players of SNL

Almost a year ago I wrote an article introducing the six new featured players for the forthcoming season of Saturday Night Live. After a massive loss of talent, including the departures of Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Fred Armesin, SNL had to restock the … Continue reading

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Tweets is Watching: Chandler Parsons Attempts to Slide into the DMs

Women are tough. As a male 22-year-old, I have a bit of experience perilously navigating the treacherous seas of flirtation. Thankfully, most of my attempts to spark conversation and possibly connection take place in dark bars, where the only people who can judge … Continue reading

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@SillyNBA: Joel Embiid

Last year I created @SillyNBA, a twitter handle meant to favorite, retweet, and catalogue any instances of hilarious tweeting coming from NBA players. The comedy is almost continuous, whether the subject is sidepieces or subtweets, professional basketball players seem to … Continue reading

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Tweets is Watching: David Price Edition

Everyday people throw shade at each other over the Internet. In most cases, these people are civilians; average citizens that write out 140-characters worth of CAPS LOCK or #subtweets that are intended to hit someone else hard. I am not interested in these meaningless … Continue reading

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