Fear and Football in Las Vegas: Motivation

NOTE: This article was made possible thanks to contributions from both my Aunt Rosemary and Aunt Sylvia. Thank you both. It’s dope to have family that supports my degenerative ways.

In an hour, Brazil will play the Netherlands for third place in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Since this is basically a consolation game, it is important to note who actually cares if they win. Let’s take a look at each team:


Brazil – Just got absolutely embarrassed by Germany in a semi final loss so bad that BBC had to write it out for viewers to ensure that those joining the broadcast late would know it was not a typo. The World Cup is taking place in their home country and they got spanked. This is the last home game with anything (arguably) at stake that many of their national players will take part in.

Netherlands – played the most boring game of soccer so far in this World Cup against Argentina. Coach Louis van Gaal used up the teams three substitutions, meaning they couldn’t bring in their specialist goalie for the shootout as they had the round before, and the Dutch went on to lose a game that they never really seemed that interested in winning. Coach van Gaal seems even less interested in winning this one; when asked to comment on the third place match, he stated “I think it is a match that should never be played.

So I’m betting Brazil here. Again. Even after how awful the last time was. Because they want to win and Netherlands seems like they really might not give a shit either way.

Odds have been moving all morning, but I will let you know tomorrow how they closed with my supersized World Cup finale special.

And sorry this one is going up late – last night I got to see Cheers Elephant kill their first Las Vegas show. They even hung out with me afterwards. Go see them on their tour and pay them money for their music.

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