An Introduction to #BonnarooBingo2014


Oh hello there!

It’s me, Festival Tyler. You may remember me from our time together at Governor’s Ball last summer. Or maybe you played along with #CoachellaBingo2014 two months ago. Well, I had so much fun that last go around that I’m reaching back into the bag of gimmicks.

Welcome to #BonnarooBingo2014.

In case you missed it, here’s a basic breakdown of what happens:

  1. Think of a 100 things that one could potentially encounter at a music festival. This includes bands that are playing, people-watching scenarios, and personal experiences.
  2. Divide list of 100 into four lists of 25.
  3. Give the lists of 25 to my artistically talented friends.
  4. Ask those friends to turn those lists into Bingo cards, with the only rule being that each night’s headliner gets the center square.
  5. Get as many Bonnaroo Bingo’s as possible.

After our official launch at Coachella in April, Festival Bingo now runs like a well-oiled machine. I am proud to present #BonnarooBingo2014.


BonnarooBingo2014 - Thursday

Our first card was created by Alli Sheerin, dear friend of mine and older sister of the one and only Ray Sheerin, my compatriot in #CoachellaBingo2014. I asked her to put Hannibal Buress as the headliner/Free Space because I want to encourage as many people as possible to see Hannibal. He is the best. Also, I am super excited for Game 4 of the NBA Finals, but I probably won’t go unless it means I can get a bingo. It just doesn’t seem very on brand for Bonnaroo. Gregg Popovich most certainly does not #radiatepositivity.

Thank you very much for your help Alli. We’ll be thinking of you at Roo.



BonnarooBingo2014 - Friday

I gave the burden of responsibility for Friday’s card to a man I knew was up to the task – my boy Sean Clark. He makes dope comics and dope music when he’s not too busy making dopey things for me.

I trust all of my artists completely, but Friday is going to be a big day for me and Sean understands this better than most. Kanye West and Chance the Rapper are extremely important to me on a personal, spiritual, and existential level, and I wanted their Bingo squares to properly reflect that.

Sean did it. He turned Kanye into a centrally located heavenly figure (as I always imagined him), and made a sly Arthur reference for Chance the Rapper, who has been playing the show’s theme song at his shows lately.

Everyday it could be wonderful.

Thank you very much for your help Sean Clark. We’ll be thinking of you at Roo.


BonnarooBingo2014 - Saturday

On Saturday, we turn to another veteran of #CoachellaBingo2014 to design our card – Amanda Lee Watkins. Her red/black/white color scheme was a perfect complement to the palette of Jack White. Check out more of her work on her tumblr.

I’m a big fan of the Yoshimi reference in The Flamings Lips square, and I’m an even bigger fan of the Frank Ocean late night set that is imminent. Also, I’m praying I find a person in jorteralls, because asking them for a picture would be super fun.

Thank you very much for your help Amanda Lee Watkins. We’ll be thinking of you at Roo.




With Sunday, we are graced with the glorious presence of Elton John and the beautiful artwork of Leah Tipton. She’s doing big things for UnderArmour in Baltimore. You’ll probably be buying clothes designed by her in a few years, if not months, but until then, she still let’s me bother her into making me Bingo cards. I am forever grateful.

While “Poop” is always a crowd-favorite, I wanted to bring some attention to the masterfully worked Pulp Fiction square. Also, I let each artist make up a few squares for themselves, and Leah gave us the gem of “Trade Something with a Stranger”. I love the way that these cards have the power to force interactions with new people, and that was a stroke of brilliance.

Thank you very much for your help Leah Tipton. We’ll be thinking of you at Roo.


Four days of Bonnaroo. Four cards for #BonnarooBingo2014. I’ll be printing out as many cards as I can afford and I want to hand them out to all of you who might be reading this and attending Bonnaroo. If inspired, print out cards yourself and play without me having to find you – if I saw someone with a card in hand that I did not personally give to them, I would probably faint with excitement.

I want everyone to play together. I want people to get excited when they get bingos and let me know how excited they are. I’m trying to put together some sort of prize type thing, but anyone who gets bingo is assured one BIG hug from me.

Let’s radiate positivity. Let’s get Ready2Roo.

Follow along on Twitter (@TyLau27), Instagram (same), Facebook, and of course here at ShittyBanter.

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2 Responses to An Introduction to #BonnarooBingo2014

  1. Meagan says:

    I completely intend on printing off the cards in just a bit. I hope to see you on the Farm because I think this is a great idea and I want to congratulate you personally on your ingenious idea.

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