An Introduction to Coachella Bingo


We have made it to the Eve of the Eve of Coachella Weekend 2.

In just twelve short hours, myself and my partner in festival crime Ray Sheerin will be on a plane to LAX and officially en route to the dopeness that lies in Indio, California. It is exciting and more than a little absurd.

And while of course I wanted to go to Coachella to enjoy the music and the sun and the girls and the Outkast, the main thing I wanted to do was write about it. Here. For you.

Unfortunately, all of those who attended Coachella Weekend 1 beat me in the never-ceasing race to publication. I cannot recap every set, or talk about how Outkast might have been better served reuniting in Atlanta. I cannot break the news on Twitter that Jay Z comes out to play with Nas on Saturday night, or that Beyonce joins Solange during her set.

I quickly realized that if I were going to write about Coachella I would need something special.

I needed a gimmick.

So I reached into the bag of gimmicks that I keep stashed in that particular corner of my brain, and pulled out one of my favorites. It is a gimmick that I attempted to pull off last year at Firefly to no avail. At the time, it was known simply as “Festival Bingo”, but it has since been developed and refined.

My basic methodology:

  1. Think of 75 things/bands that I might see at a three-day music festival.
  2. Divide that list into three lists of 25.
  3. Distribute these three lists to three different friends who are way more artistically talented than me.
  4. Ask those friends to turn those lists into Bingo cards, with the only rule being that each night’s headliner gets the center square.
  5. Go to Coachella and get as many Bingos as possible.

And holy shit it worked.

Welcome to Coachella Bingo. I hope you play along.


Coachella Bingo - Friday

Friday’s card was created by my friend Leah Tipton. She is a crazy-talented artist studying at MICA and working for UnderArmour. She will most likely be designing the trillest jerseys in NCAA history by the end of the decade. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Looking across the board, it’s hard not to be hyped for my first Bingo. I’m hoping I can pull off a Bingo on the bottom line (Eat-Lose a Shoe-Discover New Music-Girl Talk-Green Man) or the far right (Meet Someone New-Asked for Drugs-Glitch Mob-Guy in Banana Suit-Green Man).

Maybe I’m a bit too excited to see a guy in a Green Man suit.


Coachella Bingo - Saturday

Saturday’s card was created by my friend Amanda Lee Watkins. She is a crazy-talented artist and one of my newest friends. You can check out more of her dopeness on her tumblr. I can tell you from first hand experience that there is no one better in the world at making band posters while simultaneously watching Netflix. I am blessed to have her in my life.

This was the first Bingo card I received back from one of my friends. I almost cried when I saw it. That sounds stupid, and to an extent it is. But this had been this idea in my head for so long. “Festival Bingo” had festered in my head as this thing that I could only describe with words when I knew it could be understood in seconds if presented through visual means. Amanda did that for me and it was rad. The moment I saw this, Coachella, and Coachella Bingo, became REAL.

With regard to the card itself, I am super excited to work “Talk to Someone About Kanye West” into a Bingo. I’m hoping it involves boobs. But it might involve poop. I am subject to the cruel and blind discretion of the Bingo card.

You might have noticed that a few items (three to be exact) show up on both cards. This was intentional. EAT., Dance!, and Meet Someone New are all on three cards, as they were the three things I was sure I wanted to do every day. Call it extra motivation to take care of myself, my soul, and my psyche respectively.

In retrospect, I should have also included “Brush Yo Teeth” on every Bingo card, as I am notoriously bad at brushing my teeth during camping excursions. There’s always next year.


Coachella Bingo - SundaySunday’s card was created by my friend Sean Clark. He is a crazy-talented artist studying at Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Sean is one of my favorite people in the world to explore creative spaces with. He also let’s me eat his food and sleep on his couch a lot. He is mad funny and sometimes he lets me help him write comics. He has gotten upwards of 150,000 notes on a single tumblr post and deserves to do so more often. He also is working on music that you should listen to. I’m his Rick Ruben. I am blessed to have him in my life.

I’m hoping by now this makes total sense to you. This weekend, I’m going to be running around Coachella taking note of the life experiences pouring over me and writing as much as possible. Simultaneously, I will be putting together as many Bingos as I possibly can.

And then I will come home and write about them.

If you are going to Coachella, I hope you play along. I’ll be printing out extra copies to hand out just in case. Together, we can go viral.


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