Thanks For Not Spoiling Game of Thrones


I just need to address and sincerely thank the entire collective online universe for not spoiling what just happened on Game of Thrones.

I want to talk about what happened, but I want to show the same courtesy to strangers who may stumble upon this article that was shown to me for apparently since A Song of Ice and Fire became a thing people really cared about on the Internet.

I was totally shocked by that big thing that happened. And further, I was watching this particular episode of Game of Thrones in a household filled with only people who had read the series in its entirety thus far. In this very same household, I had been spoiled of the ending of a Women’s Hockey match between USA and Canada.

I often lose faith in society, thinking that there are too many people out there interested in spoiling the fun of others. This specifically becomes problematic with Game of Thrones, where some sophisticated individuals who refer to themselves as “readers” already know everything that’s going to happen.

I looked around as the tension of the episode rose, searching to see if any of them were exchanging knowing glances or unconsciously spilling the beans while losing their poker face.

But members of this household had too much respect for Game of Thrones to spoil me this time. The room was silent for the entirety of the hour, save for the few times I attempted (and failed) to understand the lineage of House Bolton.

So thank you 1611 N 17th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

And thank you Internet.

You could’ve totally ruined today for me, and you totally didn’t.

Now go watch Mad Men. It was great too.

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