What to Listen to @Coachella

coachella package

It started with a spelling error.

OutKast Poem - 1

From across the Atlantic, I proposed the idea of Coachella to my friend Ray after news of the OutKast reunion broke. A typo lead to a poem and the idea of Tyler Lauletta and Ray Sheerin going to Coachella 2104 was put out into the universe.

In four weeks, it will become a reality. And I am profoundly¬†unprepared. I am “Still don’t know how I am getting from LAX to Indio” unprepared for this business, to give you a sense of it.

But I’m not concerned. Well, I’m not concerned about that.

I am a firm believer in things working out, especially when it comes to festivals. I am going to put out a Craigslist post that will hopefully find the computer screens of some cool people and will hopefully lead to some interesting experiences that merit a column.

Until then I have a much more pressing task; I need to figure out which bands to see.

To help me in this task, I created a semi-scientific system meant to better my knowledge of my upcoming festival environment.

First, I listed every band that I recognized on the Coachella lineup and had a mild interest in. I included bands I had scrolled past on Twitter, and every suggestion that was made to me on Facebook. I included bands that I have seen on shirts at concerts, or noticed other friends had been listening to on Spotify. I included bands that I listened to everyday.

I then divided the bands into groups based on the size of the font that Coachella was using to advertise their presence on posters. Headliners were allotted 10 songs to the playlist, “large” font bands got five songs, “medium” fonters got three, and “bottom liners” were limited to one song.

The result was this playlist: 247 songs by artists that I will be deciding to see or not to see in a mere four weeks.

From now on, this will be the music I listen to. On shuffle. On repeat. For the next 24 days.

I will forgo my morning podcasts and my Kanye-centric cigarette/dance breaks between classes. Hopefully I will discover some new bands, decide that I don’t need to see Krewella, and learn all the words to “So Fresh, So Clean” in the span of the next four weeks.

I’m going to do my best to check in a few times before leaving and discuss any new bands that have popped on my Coachella radar. Also, if you think I am missing something drastic or have strong opinions on a band you think I should be writing about, please let me know.

Let’s find some new music to love.

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2 Responses to What to Listen to @Coachella

  1. kvennarad says:

    “… It started with a spelling error… ”

    So many things do.

    New music to love: this week I rediscovered Jamaican Rocksteady, and discovered for the first time The Gulf Aid Allstars from New Orleans.


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