20 Lists of 13 to Celebrate 2013

Merry Christmas!

Gosling Christmas

2013 is coming to an end. I don’t know about you, but my year was dope. I travelled around the world, worked in a skyscraper, and had more good times than I thought God allowed. For Christmas this year, I am embracing one of my least favorite gimmicks in the history of the Internet and Writing in general – End of the Year Lists.

I have constructed 20 lists of 13 items that I think sum up my year pretty well. For the sake of my own sanity, I have forgone the process of ranking items against each other within each list; anything listed is simply being recognized for its “Top 13” status.

As always, thank you for reading. Hope your 2013 was great and 2014 is even better.

13 Articles That I Am Still Proud Of

13 Albums I Listened To Front To Back More Than Any Other

13 Songs That I Danced To When The Music Was Only In My Headphones

13 Things I Learned

  • Beer Before Liquor, Never Sicker
  • Don’t Tell Girls You Like Them
  • If You Think A Girl Likes You, Go For It
  • If You Don’t Know For Sure You Want To Do Something, Say Yes And See Where It Takes You
  • Trust Yourself
  • Treat Yo’Self
  • Vibrations, Energies, And Faith Are All Real
  • Don’t Believe Everything That You Read
  • If There Is Free Food, Eat It
  • Don’t Miss Out On Once In A Lifetime Opportunities
  • Most Things Have The Potential To Be Once In A Lifetime Opportunities
  • Just Because Something Is Scary Doesn’t Mean It Will Kill You
  • Coffee And Hugs Always Help

13 Television Episodes That I Loved

  • “Lawnmower Dog” – Rick and Morty
  • “The Honeymooners” – Archer
  • “Ozymandius” – Breaking Bad
  • “One Man’s Trash” – GIRLS
  • “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – Game of Thrones
  • “For Immediate Release” – Mad Men
  • “Madrigal” – Breaking Bad
  • “London” – Parks and Recreation
  • “Last Lunch” – 30 Rock
  • “Simon and Marcy” – Adventure Time
  • “The Entire History of You” – Black Mirror
  • “Delusion” – Wilfred
  • “A New Start” – Arrested Development

13 Shows I Can’t Believe I’m Still Not Watching

  • Hannibal
  • Masters of Sex
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Broadchurch
  • Veep
  • The Returned
  • Top of the Lake
  • The Americans
  • New Girl
  • The Good Wife
  • The Bridge
  • Scandal

13 Moments That Reminded Me Why I Love Sports

13 Drinks That I Drank To Get Drunk

  • Jameson
  • Jagarbombs
  • Punk IPA
  • Jameson and Ginger
  • Tanqueray and Tonic
  • Golden Monkey
  • PBR
  • Champagne
  • Whatever Bottle of Wine was Second Cheapest at the Store
  • Espresso Martini
  • Heineken
  • Old Golden Hen
  • Jameson

13 Articles Written By Others That I Really Enjoyed

13 Kanye West Lyrics To Live Your Life By

  • I was more of the trips to Florida, order the hors d’oeuvres, views of the water.
  • Now we ain’t all goin’ be American Idols / But you can least grab a camera, shoot a viral.
  • She got that ass, I got to look (sorry).
  • I want to take you to the Good Life.
  • I’d rather be a dick than a swallower.
  • Eat your salad, no dessert.
  • I told her to drive over in her new whip, bring some friends you cool with, I’mma bring the Cool Whip.
  • I just want it better for my kids.
  • I’m looking for the one, have you seen her? My psychic told she’d have an ass like Serena.
  • Mommy I’mma love you ’til you don’t hurt no more. And when I’m older you ain’t gotta work no more, and I’mma buy you that mansion that we couldn’t afford.
  • I’m new in this city, and I’m down for the night.
  • I’m living in that 21st century, doing something mean to it / do it better than anybody you ever seen do it // Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it / I guess every superhero need his theme music.

13 Best Moments of #InternLife at SiriusXM Radio

13 BuzzFeed Articles That Demonstrate Why I Hate BuzzFeed So Much

13 People Who Had A Great 2013

  • Pharrell
  • Beyonce
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Kanye West
  • Me
  • David Ortiz
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Pete Holmes
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Andy Murray
  • Sandra Bullock

13 Things I Want To Do More Of Next Year

  • Travel
  • Have Sex
  • See Concerts
  • Write
  • Talk to Women
  • Talk to Men
  • Play Music
  • Listen to Vinyl
  • Run
  • Make Others Laugh
  • Win
  • Dance
  • Laugh

13 Things I Want To Do Less Of Next Year

  • Smoke
  • Cry
  • Sit Alone
  • Complain
  • Drink
  • Stay Inside
  • Stare at My Computer
  • Doubt Others
  • Hold People to False Expectations
  • Get Played
  • Buy Girls Drinks When They Aren’t Into Me
  • Hate
  • Accusate

13 People Without Whom This Blog Wouldn’t Exist

  • My Mom
  • My Dad
  • My Sister
  • Bill Simmons
  • Chuck Klosterman
  • Rembert Browne
  • Andy Greenwald
  • Zach Dionne
  • Ray Sheerin
  • Rory Masterson
  • Me
  • You
  • Jameson

13 Shows I Attended That Were Dope

  • Bo Burnham: what.
  • Jay Z and Justin Timberlake: Legends of Summer Tour at Citizens Bank Park
  • Jay Z at the O2 Arena
  • Kanye West at Governor’s Ball
  • Calvin Harris at Firefly
  • Vampire Weekend at Firefly
  • Dawes at Union Chapel
  • Radical Face at Union Chapel
  • Brothers Past at Brooklyn Bowl
  • Nas at Governor’s Ball
  • AWOLNATION at Pier 31
  • The Dough Rollers at the Slipper Room (with all you can drink whiskey)
  • Beyonce’s National Anthem At Obama’s Inauguration

13 Tweets I Sent To Rembert, Andy Greenwald, and Zach Dionne That Got a Reply


13 Tweets I Sent To Rembert and Andy Greenwald That Were Not Replied To


13 Pictures of Me or My Friends Throwing Up The ROC at Different Locations Around the World

ROC Photo MontageFeel free to give us a follow on Tumblr.

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