As of this moment, it has been 11 minutes since @KanyeWest’s most recent tweet towards Jimmy Kimmel. It is 1:41am in London where I am currently studying, but I will be up all night if I have to because this is important.

If you haven’t seen the tweets, you are probably wondering why this is important. If you have seen the tweets, you are probably wondering what the hell happened. If you are still reading this article, you are probably wondering why I write so much about Kanye West.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Kanye West was recently interviewed by Zane Lowe of the BBC. The interview is an hour long. You can listen here. In the interview, Kanye covers a platitude of topics; his career, his future dreams (fashion!), and the movie Wreck-It Ralph. I was going to do something with the interview, but it has already blown up the Internet pretty well, with multiple articles that recap the ideas within it or quote him semi-out-of-context in order to make him look crazy-crazy as opposed to genius-crazy.

I was about to start working on a piece defending BBC Kanye, when I saw this on Twitter…

Kanye-Kimmel 1


If you know me at all, you know that this is my equivalent of the Bat Signal.

What happened Kanye? What did Kimmel spoof? What was the first piece of honest media in years? Are you talking about Breaking Bad? Because that spoof was Jimmy Fallon and Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston both played along with the joke so really you should just hang tight because we only have one more episode to go anyways.

As all these thoughts were running through my head, this popped up a minute later…

Kanye-Kimmel 2

Okay. Kanye is sure it is Jimmy Kimmel. Definitely. Besides, how could that Fallon bit get anyone this angry? Additionally, these CAPS LOCK are seemingly driven by actual disdain, although Kanye has not tweeted without CAPS LOCK since September 10th, so it is possible that the key to his MacBook is stuck or something.

So this is real anger that Kanye West has at Jimmy Kimmel, that Kimmel should not take as a joke. What could this stem from? I googled “Why is Kanye mad at Jimmy Kimmel?” to poor results (again, zero hour had happened just moments earlier). I refined my search to “Kimmel Kanye spoof” and found this…

Kimmel. Come on man. I love you. But leading off with using “He said he’s the #1 rock star on the planet…whatever planet he is on” as a punchline is weak. Why? BECAUSE HE IS THE #1 ROCK STAR ON THE PLANET AND THE PLANET HE IS ON IS EARTH AND I AM HAPPY THAT HE IS HERE OR ELSE MARS WOULD HAVE MORE DOPE MUSIC THAN WE DO.

The skit goes on pretty well. Little kids saying Kanye things is funny.


Moments later…

Kanye-Kimmel 3

Kanye-Kimmel 4

Whoa. Shots officially have been fired. This is definitely about the Kimmel kid video, as made clear by the second tweet. My brain is wondering what Kanye means by “PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES” as it could be seen as the standard metaphor it is or more literally “Hey Kimmel, get yourself a pair of Air Yeezys.” After all, Kanye certainly believes Air Yeezys help you get that “GOOD PUSSY.”

Just as I was about to convince myself that this was all some brilliant marketing stunt so that Kanye could reveal his new shoes on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last week, something way more important happened…

Kanye-Kimmel 5

In all seriousness, this was when I became positive that this was not a stunt. Setting Ben Affleck aside for now (don’t worry, we’ll get there) Kanye simply does not throw around “disrespect” for a lark. He takes respect very seriously, because he believes people should respect him. He believes people should respect anybody that is trying to create good art. And Jimmy Kimmel disrespected him.

Now, the best part of this entire thread so far – #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFELCK – is, without a doubt, the greatest hashtag I have ever seen.

This tweet was a reference to this video Jimmy Kimmel made about fucking Ben Affleck in order to get revenge on his girlfriend at the time, Sarah Silverman.

Kanye, in turn, is asking Jimmy Kimmel if he should do a spoof of that video. To which my answer is UH YES PLEASE.

But that is not what Kanye is going for. Kanye is trying to make Kimmel think about what it means to disrespect art. He is saying, “Hey, how would I like it if I trashed what you do for a living? You know, like you just did me?” The problem that Kanye apparently realized somewhere around 90 characters into his tweet is that by referencing the “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck” video, he was in a way disrespecting Ben Affleck. Kanye could not allow this because as we have established, he takes respect very seriously. In order to cover himself, he dedicated the last part of his tweet to ensuring that his comment could not be confused with a shot at Ben Affleck and inadvertently created the perfect hashtag.

Then this…

Kanye-Kimmel 6

Kanye-Kimmel 7

What wedding was this and how did I not know about it?

Kanye-Kimmel 8

Okay Kanye. This is a matter of personal opinion, so stating it as such obvious fact is a questionable decision. But I understand that you are mad and I swear that I understand why. Also, is this another reference to Wreck-It Ralph? Because in that interview that started this whole thing you definitely compared yourself to Sarah Silverman’s character.

What does Kimmel think?

Kimmel-Kanye 2


Kimmel-Kanye 3

Ugh. Okay. I believe you. But this just sucks because I can’t watch your show while I am in London so I am not going to be up on Kanye news and nothing frustrates me more than not being up on Kanye news. It’s fine. Tell the world your side of the story. I don’t think you could say anything to change which side of this war I will die on.

Now Kanye, can you finish off this twitter-rant in some amazing way that I will no way be able to predict even though I know you so well?

There was twitter silence for 20 minutes. And then…

Kanye-Kimmel 9Wait you know what a meme is?



It is now 3:11am in London. I have to be up in four hours to go to my internship. It’s fine though, I’m a kid with priorities. And with that in mind I have to say this before signing off.

Kanye is (sort of) right to be pissed.

I do believe that comedy is sacred ground and nothing should be “off limits” especially not celebrities with antics as hilarious as the antics Kanye West can be. But think about what Kanye said in that interview and in his previous piece with the New York Times. He just wants to be taken seriously. He hasn’t messed up yet. He has good ideas and he wants to spread them around the world, whether they be music, fashion, or film related. And people keep doubting him even though he is pitching what is essentially a life long perfect game.

I don’t think Kanye is crazy. He’s just tired of loving with nobody to love. He’s tired of people laughing at him during the process when his final products are always impeccable.

Just let Kanye be dope. All he wants is dopeness.

Why would you want to criticize that?

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