Kanye vs. Kimmel – Update

Kimmel and Kanye

Last night Kanye went off on Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter.

I (obviously) wrote about it, but I had to go to bed before Jimmy Kimmel responded on his show. This is that response:

A few quick thoughts.

  • That was definitely Kanye on the phone
  • Oh man this is actually not a stunt
  • I am surprised that Kanye compared himself to “Pac” as he usually prefers comparing himself to one of the Michaels (Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Phelps) or one of the Bigs (Pun, L, or Notorious)
  • Jimmy Kimmel most definitely will never be cool at a high school football game again
  • The “I know, I’ve seen the video” was a high risk play, but Kanye brought women into it first when he said Jimmy got “No Good Pussy” with the knowledge that Kimmel had dated Sarah Silverman. Kanye could have at least thrown in a #NODISRESPECTTOSARAHSILVERMAN for good measure. He did not, and Kimmel responded by taking shots at Kim.
  • Again, this is really real
  • Why do I still not know whose wedding this is?

And a few longer ones.

  • Kanye, I love you but you need to dial it back a bit. I know I defended you last night, but I was on my Kanye-high (my favourite high) and not totally thinking clearly. This is obviously about you needing to be the active participant in media, as opposed to the passive one. Had you never gone on a Twitter rant, there might have been a few headlines reading “Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs Kanye Interview With Little Kids.” Because of the rant, “Kanye West Goes Nuts on Jimmy Kimmel, Creates Greatest Hashtag Ever” will be a headline on thousands of sites. This is further proof of Kanye’s media power, which I think is what he was trying to illustrate to Jimmy Kimmel. Kanye has the ability to make news.
  • Last night a friend of mine asked a question I struggled to answer – If Kanye wants to be taken seriously, why would he express his displeasure in such a juvenile way? I think the answer is related to the above bullet point, and Kanye’s differing definition of being taken “seriously.” Kanye has a sense of power that comes from an ability to coerce +20,000 retweets in a matter of hours. Twitter allows him to not only make news, but make the news about himself. Even if Jimmy comes out of the situation looking like the sane one, it is Kanye that is the reason the world was watching in the first place.
  • Freaking Jimmy Kimmel stole my DEFCON joke AND DIDN’T EVEN USE THE TERM RIGHT. In the video, Kimmel states that we are at “DEF-Kanye Five.” DEFCON 5 is listed on Wikipedia as “lowest state of readiness.” DEFCON 1 is “Nuclear War is imminent.” Jimmy Kimmel, I give you full permission to steal my jokes, I’d love to write for you some day. But get them right for Yeezus’ sake.

Does no one remember Matthew Broderick in WarGames?

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2 Responses to Kanye vs. Kimmel – Update

  1. G says:

    Kanye is starting all this beef to blow up his tour!

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