Yeezyfest 2013

When Kanye tweets, I listen.

On July 20th this happened:

KanyeTweet - Opening the Debate

You can tell he’s serious because he wrote out “PERIOD” in all caps without putting an actual period at the end of the tweet. This is hilarious because he had exactly one character left (I counted), and chose not to use it for the purpose of grammatical correctness.

It is a fact that Kanye is responsible for some of the best verses in the history of rap. It is even possible that one of his verses is the “best rap verse of all time….meaning … OF ALL TIME IN THE HISTORY OF RAP MUSIC, PERIOD”.

But I am not sure that it is the second verse of “New Slaves”.

What I am saying is that we need a scientific way of deciding what the greatest Kanye verse of all time is before we can begin arguing its merits against Big Boi’s opening lines on “ATLiens” or Q-Tip’s run on “Stir It Up”

What I am saying is that we need a bracket.


If there’s one thing that this blog has proven over time, it’s that I write a lot about Kanye West. Seriously. Sure I may skew towards Kanye’s later albums in terms of my overall interest, but I am as qualified as anyone to conduct this bracket. I have studied the similar works of Rembert Browne, and will do my best to do him proud.

These verses were chosen by myself, my co-Kanye confidant Matt Westlake, and various people that reached out to me when I asked for help through social media. They were then ranked based on YouTube views except for Yeezus verses, for which I used Spotify play counts because their YouTube numbers were stupid low. This may seem like an arbitrary system, but I was in desperate need of an arbitrary and objective system to seed the tournament before I could subjectively judge Kanye until only one verse was left standing.

Further, all verses selected were from Kanye-centric albums: College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, MBDTF, Yeezus, Watch the Throne, and Cruel Summer. The one exception to this is his verse on Rihanna’s “Diamonds Remix” because Kanye himself is on record as saying it was the best verse of 2012. There are no tracks from 808’s and Heartbreaks because this is an attempt to find Kanye’s best rap verse of all time and Kanye doesn’t rap on that album. I chose to leave out Kanye guest verses because I know Kanye West and he would not put his best verse on someone else’s song. With that said, it broke my (and Westlake’s) heart leaving out “Made Her Say“.

If you notice that your favorite verse is missing, I’m sorry. I am pretty deep into this process, and there is the possibility that my brain skipped over something obvious while attempting to remember which verse from “Gone” is the good one (it’s the last one). But I can assure you one thing:

I did not miss a verse that could potentially be Kanye’s best ever. I’m sure of it.

I want you all to know that I am taking this very seriously. This article was supposed to come out yesterday, but I wanted everything to be perfect. I am going to break this down the only way I know how. There will be Prezi’s, there will be SoundCloud embeds, there will be poor judgement based on personal bias.

But in the end we will (subjectively) know Kanye West’s best verse. And that is an exciting proposition.

I hope that this process is interesting to you. I hope that people get into this and start getting mad when their songs are getting knocked out. I hope that some of you fill out your own bracket and send me your thoughts.

I want Kanye verses to cause controversy.

Welcome to YeezyFest 2013.

Enjoy the ride.

[NOTE: Here are the verses by album, as I know the bracket is not perfect… yet.]

College Dropout

  1. All Falls Down (V1)
  2. All Falls Down (V3)
  3. Jesus Walks (V2)
  4. Last Call (V2)
  5. Breathe In, Breathe Out (V2)

Late Registration

  1. Gold Digger (V2)
  2. Diamonds from Sierra Leone (V1)
  3. Diamonds from Sierra Leone (V2)
  4. Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix)
  5. Touch the Sky (V1)
  6. Hey Mama (V2)
  7. Gone (V5)
  8. Crack Music (V1)


  1. Good Life (V1)
  2. Good Life (V3)
  3. Flashing Lights (V1)
  4. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (V2)
  5. Good Morning (V1)
  6. Good Morning (V3)
  7. Bittersweet Symphony (V1)
  8. Champion (V1)
  9. Barry Bonds
  10. The Glory (V1)
  11. The Glory (V2)
  12. Stronger (V1)

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  1. POWER (V2)
  2. POWER (V3)
  3. POWER (Remix) (V2)
  4. POWER (Remix) (V3)
  5. Lost in the World
  6. Gorgeous (V1)
  7. Gorgeous (V2)
  8. Gorgeous (V3)
  9. Dark Fantasy (V1)
  10. Devil in a New Dress (V2)
  11. Monster
  12. See Me Now (V1)

Watch the Throne

  1. Otis (V1)
  2. Otis (V2)
  3. Niggas in Paris
  4. No Church in the Wild
  5. Gotta Have It
  6. Murder to Excellence (V1)
  7. HAM (V1)

Cruel Summer

  1. Mercy
  2. Clique
  3. New God Flow
  4. Cold (V1)
  5. Cold (V2)
  6. To The World
  7. The One
  8. The Morning
  9. Don’t Like (Remix)


  1. New Slaves (V1)
  2. New Slaves (V2)
  3. On Sight (V1)
  4. Bound 2 (V1)
  5. Bound 2 (V2)
  6. I’m In It (V1)
  7. Send It Up (V1)
  8. I Am A God (V1)
  9. I Am A God (V2)
  10. Hold My Liquor (V1)

Bonus Track

Rihanna’s Diamonds Remix

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