Kanye West Is Tweeting Too Much And I Love It

So Kanye tweeted this at 10:12pm EST:


It’s crazy news, but unfortunately I am burdened by another larger, much more important article that I am currently writing based on another Kanye tweet (part one of which will be up tomorrow).

Anyways, watch the video here.

And here are my quick thoughts upon first viewing:

  • Having a black middle finger as a cursor is very Kanye.
  • I wish we saw more of the black KKK outfits, because as I have previously written, it is one of the most powerful images I have seen in pop culture.
  • My fellow Kanye disciple Matt believes that the screen images and Kanye’s movements are reminiscent of a PS2 game. I think it’s closer to a PS4.
  • The ability to slow things down is cool, and reminiscent of the interactivity that Arcade Fire often allow in their music videos.
  • The mysterious red button is too enticing not to click on, and the fact that it immediately saves an image file to your computer is a bit disturbing but also awesome.
  • Everyone should use the red button to capture images and have their own Kanye desktop background.
  • I wonder how good Kanye’s abs are in real life.
  • I really hope there’s a video for New Slaves.

I wish I could give you more, but this is all I can write about Kanye West right now.

You see, I have to get back to writing about Kanye West.


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