Kanye Thoroughly Enjoyed Pacific Rim, and He Wants You To Know About It

To fight monsters we created monsters.

To fight monsters we created monsters.

You should know that Kanye doesn’t tweet much.

Well, maybe you shouldn’t, but I do and I think that you should know. It adds a certain amount of gravity to what he has to say. And while that previous sentence might sound ridiculous (should anything really have “gravity” on Twitter?) it is also true.

I tweet a lot (follow me @TyLau27), and retweet even more. Kanye West will have none of that. He has tweeted 9 times since May 19th, and has deleted all messages of 140-characters-or-less that came before that date.

Maybe becoming a father has changed him.

Regardless, two of those nine tweets are about the upcoming Giant Monsters vs. Giant Robots film, Pacific Rim. I’m totally serious.

Take note that these tweets were sent at 12:30am, a mere half hour after Jay-Z dropped Magna Carta Holy Grail on anyone with a Samsung phone or basic knowledge of file sharing on the Internet. Maybe Kanye was taking a subtle shot at HOV? Or maybe he just has an iPhone.

Either way, he thought well enough of Guillermo del Toro’s latest flick to let his 9,000,000+ followers know about it. As a human being that views Kanye West’s opinion on popular art as essentially infallible, this raises a lot of questions.

Is he being paid off by a movie company? Doubtful.

Is he boys with Guillermo del Toro? Probably.

Does Kanye have a natural inclination to enjoy works of art depicting Giant Monsters fighting Giant Robots with the future of the planet at stake? Yes, but don’t we all?

Realistically, this movie doesn’t need Kanye’s stamp of approval. But it definitely can’t hurt.

I promise I’ll try to keep off the Kanye writing for a little while.

See you in theaters July 14th.

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