The Six Fastest and Most Furious Moments from Six Fast, Six Furious

[Note: This article contains spoilers. But if you haven’t already seen this movie, and aren’t here to simply celebrate its beauty with me, please feel free to unfriend me on Facebook, because we’ve probably grown too far apart.]

Before anything else, it is important to properly appreciate the montage above. 2 Chainz behind any set of moving images is great, but things get exponentially greater when those moving images happen to contain bits and pieces of the greatest film franchise to ever create seven successive films.

With that said, Here is my buzzfeed-wannabe interactive feature:

Part 1: The Six Fastest Moments of Six Fast, Six Furious

6) Owen Shaw and Co. Use Their Cars that Flip Cop Cars to Flip Cop Cars into Other Cop Cars

Holy crap. Those things were real.

5) Brian Goes To Save Roman From the Tank By Jumping the Median and Driving Next to the Tank So Roman Can Jump From the Tank to the 1970 Ford Escort

Paul Walker Jumps the Median

About a minute before this sequence, the driving trio of Brian, Dom, and Roman are informed via Ludacris that the forces of Owen Shaw have added a tank to their arsenal. In response, Brian decided that the crew would have to “do what they do best.”


4) Roman Jumping From Said Tank To Said 1970 Ford Escort


And improvise they did.

3) Dom Races Letty

Because you don’t turn your back on family. Even when they turn their back on you.

Because in the Fast and the Furious, you live your life a quarter mile at a time.

Because there are only two options:

Ride or Die.

2) Dom Catches Letty

Dom Catches Letty

Holy shit. Up until this point in my life, I had never stood up with shock and awe inside of a movie theatre. But, I mean, holy shit. Dom sees that Letty is about to be thrown off the tank, ghost-rides his car into the railing propelling him into the air over the bridge gap, catches Letty, and has enough force behind him to tackle her all the way to the other side of the bridge, where the windshield of an abandoned car breaks their fall.

How did Dom know that the car would be their to catch them?

He didn’t.

Now that’s how you improvise.

1) Everything Related to the Last 20 Minutes of the Film

Dominic Fucking Toretto

This was amazing. This was everything we needed Fast 6 to be and more. It was a gift, handcrafted for us by Director Justin Lin. You could do a whole ranking of individual sequences that happened within this scene. Roman’s spear gun shot. Gisele sacrificing herself to save Han. The Rock getting from the back of a movie jeep to the inside of the tire bay of an airplane mid take off with relative ease. The never-ending runway. Brian turning the tables on the flip car. Dom breaking through the cockpit at the last possible moment.

Bravo. Just Bravo.

Part 2: The Six Most Furious Moments of Six Fast, Six Furious

6) Owen Shaw Kidnaps Brian’s Wife

Owen Shaw is a Dick

Owen Shaw is the antithesis of everything that the heroes of the Fast and Furious universe believe in. He sees his henchmen as replaceable cogs, not members of a family. He has no honor, no code, and no value for the lives of innocent London civilians. Shaw proved that here, breaking the cardinal rule in the code of vehicular warfare: bringing family into the game.

Not cool bro.

5) The Traitor Cop

The Rock and Co.

I trusted The Rock’s judgement of character so much, it was hard for me to believe that he hadn’t found a perfect partner as he did last year in Rio. But despite his folly, he made up for it. See below.

4) Table-top Jump Punch

Jump Punch

Teamwork makes the dream work.


Girl Fight


2) Jason Statham Kills Han

Jason Statham

Okay, this is madness. Han died at the end of Tokyo Drift, when a civilian car slammed into him during the climatic drift race. BUT IT WASN’T AN ACCIDENT.

It was Jason Statham.

And while all signs point to Statham playing the vengeful brother of Owen Shaw, I’m holding out hope that Staham is actually reprising his character from either Crank 2 or The Transporter. How much fun would Fast 7 be if he had to keep electricity pulsing through his body on a semi-regular basis? How great would race scenes be knowing that two of the greatest fictional drivers in history are going at it?

Can we kickstart this?

1) Everything Related to the Last 20 Minutes of the Film

Dominic Fucking Toretto

Because duh.

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One Response to The Six Fastest and Most Furious Moments from Six Fast, Six Furious

  1. melewis2121 says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Well said. I loved the hell out of this film and I cannot wait to see where the Franchise goes from here. As far as Statham goes, I hope to God that they don’t try to tie in any other outside movies into this one. Its Statham, hes a bad ass no mater what role he plays, he doesn’t need to play The Transporter to make an impact on this Franchise. The only thing I wish they would do is go back to L.A!!

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