A Series of Mounting Evidence that Daft Punk Will Play With Kanye West on SNL

Kanye West is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night.

Sometimes when I get excited I do this thing where I get so excited about minuscule details, I obsess myself with the possible depth of their meanings, and eventually end up perpetuating a theory in my mind based on very very very very loosely attached evidence. This might be one of those times.

But with that said, I have big news: When Kanye takes the stage live tomorrow night, DAFT PUNK IS TOTALLY GOING TO BE THERE TOO.

This is pure, unadulterated, CapsLock speculation. But it’s really not, if you’re thinking about the evidence that’s been right in front of us for the past few weeks. And thinking about it correctly.

Kanye/DaftPunk/SNL Collaboration Evidence

1. Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories just became available for online streaming through iTunes earlier this week. The album officially comes out this upcoming Tuesday.

2. The first commercial for Random Access Memories was this spot, which aired on March 3rd during a Kevin Hart hosted episode of SNL. Seemingly completely random.

3. The second commercial for Random Access Memories was our introduction to “Get Lucky”, which got us all crazy excited about new future suits for the band and how handsome Pharrell is. This commercial aired on April 14th.

4. OH WAIT IT WASN’T JUST ANY APRIL 14th. That was SATURDAY April 14th, you know, during SNL again. Can I start thinking this isn’t total coincidence yet?

5. Kanye has new music coming out June 18th, as we all know thanks to this tweet:


6. Kanye is starting to perform that new music at shows, which Rembert Brown was nice enough to write/Vine about here.

7. Kanye is starting to perform wearing masks…Kanye in a Mask

…and inside pyramids…

Kanye Pyramid

8. Hmmm, there’s this other band that I like that’s really into masks and pyramids and music and OH WAIT THAT’S DAFT PUNK.

9. It has been confirmed that on Kanye’s new album, the one that he will most likely (read: definitely) be showcasing tomorrow night, Daft Punk is a featured collaborator. Read about it here.

10. Kanye and Daft Punk are already cool because of “Stronger” which they played together at the 2008 Grammys.

11. When you do a Google Image search of “Daft Punk” the third photo listed is this:

When was the last time you saw two French DJs throwing up the Roc?

The only logical conclusion to all of these seemingly hand-picked pieces of evidence being viewed together is this: Kanye West will perform with Daft Punk tomorrow night on Saturday Night Live. It will be awesome. A very pregnant Kim Kardashian will be there. Ben Affleck will do a solid job as host, carried by the strength of his Boston accent.

You heard it here first.

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