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The Perfect Bracket – Revisited

This past March, I valiantly tried to create “The Perfect Bracket.” It was a long, stressful process that eventually concluded with the “Mascots” bracket winning the ultimate prize of becoming my official entry into tournament pools. I hoped this would … Continue reading

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My Apologies

This week was a little crazy for me. I attended two Phillies games. I was supposed to register for my next semester of college classes. I got day-drunk once or twice. And after Netflix expanded its library to include Cartoon … Continue reading

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Adventures in Binge Watching – Mad Men Season 5 – Part 2

Conditions are not ideal for binge watching today. There is construction outside my apartment, and a symphony of jackhammers is accompanying me through my watching and writing of however many episodes I decide to cover over the course of my … Continue reading

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Adventures in Binge Watching – Mad Men Season 5 – Part 1

Binge Watching – the act of consuming a television series in unfathomably large clusters, usually through Netflix or OnDemand. If you decided to click on this, chances are you already knew the information I’m about to tell you, but just … Continue reading

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Phamily Reunion

It’s April 1st. Technically, it is April Fool’s Day, but really it’s not. It’s Opening Day.

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