Rocky IV and the Super Bowl


There are days that you wake up knowing that it’s just not your day. You can feel that the breaks aren’t going to fall your way, and that any venture into the realm of “chance” will yield poor results.

And then there are days when you wake up just as Rocky Balboa is about to fight Drago on Cinemax.

I believe in signs. I did not feel like writing about this Super Bowl. But for some reason, a higher power helped me sleep in until noon and arise in time to watch Rocky end the Cold War.

What I’m saying is that I know that I’m going to have a good day today. Trust me, Rocky don’t lie. And as a person that likes  to write about gambling money on sports, I felt an obligation to do this.

I present to you a list of things that I want to bet money on.

Ravens (+110) as the first team to 10 points.

Baltimore has the edge here because they can get to ten with a touchdown and a field goal. If you buy into the “Akers is a Broken Man” argument (which I do), San Francisco needs to score two touchdowns. The odds are good.

The Niners (-300) WILL score a rushing touchdown.

I think it will be Frank Gore, but it’s easier to bet this and make money than bet on Gore and then be bitter when Kaepernick scores three times.

Last Play of the Game WILL (-175) Be A QB Rush.

Essentially, this is betting on the fact that at the end of the game the team with the lead will have the ball and down the game away. And I believe that that is what is going to happen. BUT, this bet also hits if Young Colin audibles to a QB Draw down six points with 5 seconds left in the game. And that would be crazy exciting.

Tails (-102)

Never fails.

Ravens (-115) Will Make a FG Before Niners.

Again, Akers is broken. Or I’m bitter. Don’t call me bitter.

First Penalty of the Game: Holding (+200).

Duh right?

Neither Team Will Miss An Extra Point (-2000).

This is like going to an ATM. A very scary ATM. But missed two-point conversersions do not count towards this bet, so unless either kicker misses a chip shot, you should enjoy some free money with this one.

Torrey Smith -1 Receptions (-110) vs Randy Moss Receptions

I love Torrey Smith. I hate Randy Moss. There is not much more to it than that.

Jersey Number of Player to Score First TD Under 27.5 (-110)

This gets you Gore, Rice, Crabtree, Flacco, and Kaepernick (as well as longer shots on Jacoby Jones and Ed Reed). Against you is essentially everyone else. This is why gambling is fun.

Under 48

We’re due for a boring Super Bowl right?

Niners -4.5

For my Grandpa.

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