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The Harlem Shake Awards

According to Wikipedia, a meme can be defined as “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Advertisements

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Strength Index: “1 Train” by A$AP Rocky

NOTE: When attempting to think of ideas for things to write about, I often find myself drawn to the allure of making lists or “Power Rankings” of different topics. Unfortunately, the Internet makes a lot of lists, and I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Simmons v. Lauletta- Who Wrote It Better?

On Tuesday February 5th, 2013, a trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie was released on YouTube. I watched it at 3pm. It made me really happy. And because I eventually want to write for, I decided to … Continue reading

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Six Fast, Six Furious

If you were to ask me my favorite movie franchise’s of all time, the list would go as follows:

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Super Bowl Recap

Since beginning my venture into the idea of thinking of myself as a writer, I have found that the most challenging part of the process is not generating ideas or specific angles to a story, but rather getting the story … Continue reading

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Rocky IV and the Super Bowl

There are days that you wake up knowing that it’s just not your day. You can feel that the breaks aren’t going to fall your way, and that any venture into the realm of “chance” will yield poor results.

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