Championship Picks

Two different things in play this weekend:

1) People pretending that nobody believes in the Ravens.

2) People actually not believing in the Falcons.

With the Ravens, the dominating storylines this week have been the motivation of Ray Lewis’ upcoming retirement and the team’s belief that they can beat the Patriots outright despite a point spread that was close to breaking into double digits earlier this week.

With the Falcons, SportsCenter seems to continually ask, “What needs to happen for the Falcons to pull off the upset?” Followed by some commentator chuckling to himself and saying “A lot.” They opened as 3 point HOME DOGS as THE NUMBER ONE SEED IN FOOTBALL because THEY HAVE THE BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE and the line still got bet up all the way to 4.5.

So I’m going against what I feel like everyone is telling me is going to happen. Because I feel like normally, when everyone thinks one thing is going to happen, that thing has a 50/50 shot at best.

Falcons +4.5 over Niners

I’m picking the Falcons because they just won the most dramatic game I’ve seen since that time Joe Flacco brought the Ravens back from the dead against the Broncos way back in 2013. And because they can pass like crazy. And because Ed Werder told me to.

Patriots -7.5 over Ravens

I’m picking the Patriots because last week, I picked them and laughed hysterically the entire game at the thought of anyone thinking the Texans had a shot a covering, to the point that I was drawing attention from strangers in my local Buffalo Wild Wings. And that was so much fun that I want to do it again.

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