Tweets is Watching: Iggy Azalea and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


Iggy Azalea is a polarizing cultural figure whose music has both topped charts and inspired heated debates across the Twitterverse. It is often forgotten that she, like every other celebrity and every other person on Earth, is also a human being. Continue reading

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What Happens In Vegas: Taxi Cab Confessions


It has often been said, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” What follows is one man’s mission to break that mantra and share his story, and the Las Vegas lessons he learned along the way.

At 3am on New Year’s Eve I got on a bus that would take me to a train that would take me to another bus that would drop me off in fabulous Las Vegas in time to celebrate the start of 2015. It was a long, tiring journey, but I eventually made it, and upon my arrival I was filled with the same anxious joy that Sin City always inspires within me. I got off of my bus and began walking, knowing that I would eventually need to grab a cab to get to my hotel. Continue reading

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New Year’s Revolution


The following was written into my iPhone during the hours of 2-4am on New Year’s Eve.

My name is Tyler Lauletta and I am about to start a journey. After a family Christmas gathering I decided to hang around in California in an attempt for an exciting story to begin the New Year. I was planning on meeting up with a good friend in San Francisco, but plans fell through as they sometimes do. Instead I decided hitch a car ride with my Uncle Ted and cousin Jen to hang with my cousin Theo in the town he grew up in for a bit. On the drive, we visited a few of the places my ancestors lived, one of which is pictured above. After two days with Theo and late-night walks and ninja missions, new plans unfolded. Continue reading

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Tweets is Watching: St. Louis PD Gets Into Twitter Beef

ADDITION Raiders Rams Football

A series of events led to the St. Louis County Police Department making an unfortunate decision on Twitter last night. Before we get into the details of their error, allow me to supply you with the necessary exposition. Continue reading

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A Comprehensive List of Things I’m Thankful for This Year


Family, friends, snow, my house, turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, pies, ice cream, Portuguese sweet bread, family recipes, fireplaces, my puppy Rosie, her newfound ability to poop outside, and SportsCenter playing in the background of my every moment. Continue reading

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Tweets is Watching – Odell Beckham Jr Catches Football/Collective Imagination of the Internet


Photo by Adam Hunger – USA Today

During the Week 12 Sunday Night Football match between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, Odell Beckham Jr. caught a ball that he had no business catching. He did it after defensive pass interference was committed against him and with the use of only three digits. Continue reading

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Tweets is Watching: LeBron James, Dad


At 4am this morning I had just finished watching The Newsroom and was about to go to bed. In the middle of Jeff Daniels’ big speech about why the police were the true heroes of the Boston Marathon bombings, my puppy Rosie threw up. This lead to a quick cleaning of the couch and a trip outside as I tiredly muttered to Rosie how she was the best thing in my life even though she still shits in the house sometimes. After we had both relieved ourselves on the lawn, I decided to check Twitter before we went to bed.

Late night Twitter can be a lonely place, but as my feed refreshed, I smiled. Continue reading

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Tweets is Watching: #AlexFromTarget

Things are getting weird here at Tweets is Watching.


Yesterday the Twitterverse was introduced to its newest sensation: #AlexFromTarget

As the story went, #AlexFromTarget was simply a good-looking teenage boy who worked at his local Target in Texas. It all began this past Sunday, when a photo of Alex was tweeted out:

Continue reading

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Taking the Furious 7 Trailer as Seriously as Possible

After years of anticipation tinged with sadness, the trailer for the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, aptly titled Furious 7, has graced the interwebs. It is glorious. Enjoy:

If you’ve been following ShittyBanter from the start, you might know that I celebrated the release of the Fast 6 trailer with a second-by-second breakdown. This is because I love the Fast franchise. I will watch these movies any time they are on, and enjoy every second (aside from a few seconds in the middle of Tokyo Drift). They are amazing stories dedicated to action, family, street racing, and living life one quarter-mile at a time. It is thrilling to be so close to another chapter, and finally have flashes of fast cars to fantasize about. Continue reading

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Tweets is Watching: @TheJustinDuncan, Twitter Thief

Twitter can be a beautiful place. It can bring people together through hashtags. It can help organize civil protest and raise awareness of causes quickly, efficiently, and with great success. At its best, Twitter is a powerful force that can make us laugh, inform us, and even help enact change in the real world.

But Twitter can be a shitty place too. One or two wrong clicks can engulf you in a wormhole of the worst things anonymous humanity has to offer. People can be mean. People can be hateful. People can steal. Continue reading

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